Senator Seyarto Introduces Financial Literacy Education Bill

Senator Kelly Seyarto (R-Murrieta) has introduced SB 342, a bill to advance financial literacy education for California students.

Currently, the Instructional Quality Commission has been encouraged to include financial literacy in its history and social science curriculum. SB 342 would require the inclusion of financial literacy education periodically throughout K-12 schooling, preparing students for real-life scenarios and best practices. 

“Addressing financial literacy in the classroom will expose students to basic life skills so they can hit the ground running as young adults,” said Senator Seyarto. “Giving them the tools they need to become financially literate and be aware of how finances impact every aspect of their lives will set all our children up for success. Research has shown us that students who receive this type of education have better financial outcomes as adults, with less debt and a higher quality of life.”

Teachers will be able to include age-appropriate information based on their students’ grade levels and proficiency, and can address a variety of topics including personal banking, budgeting, taxes, and planning for college expenses.