SB 259: Legislative Reports Transparency


SB 259 would require a state agency to post on its internet website any report that the state agency submits to a committee of the Legislature.


Under existing law, an agency report that is required by law to be submitted to members of legislature must also be posted on the agency’s website. This makes the report easily accessible to the general public. 

However, this requirement does not extend to the many agency reports that are voluntarily submitted to the legislature and not necessarily required by law. Reports submitted during deliberations on the budget package and reports submitted to committees of the legislature are common examples of agency reports that are not required to be posted on the agency website since their submission to the legislature are generally not required by law.

As such, there is inconsistency in the public accessibility to the various agency reports and data that legislators review in order to make informed policy decisions on behalf of their constituents. Public access to these reports is essential to maintaining an informed electorate and accountable state representatives.


In order to ensure consistent public accessibility to agency reports submitted to the legislature, SB-259 would require all agency reports that are submitted to the legislature to be publicly posted on the agency website. This policy would apply regardless of whether or not the report’s submission to the legislature is required by law.

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