Senator Seyarto Introduces Veterans Bill Package

Senator Kelly Seyarto (R-Murrieta) has introduced his Veterans bill package for the 2023 legislative year, offering some common sense solutions to assist California’s Veterans. 

SB 73 would establish the “Voluntary Veterans’ Preference Employment Policy Act,” allowing a private employer to establish hiring policies that give Veteran preference without violating anti-discrimination laws. 

Both California and the federal government give point preferences for hiring Veteran applicants for government jobs and tax benefits to private businesses that hire Veterans.

“SB 73 allows businesses to establish Veteran-friendly hiring practices without fear of legal action and empowers them to give back to those who have sacrificed so much in service of our nation,” said Senator Seyarto. “California is home to approximately 31% of our nation’s homeless Veteran population, the highest in the country. We need to pass practical policies that help our heroes.” 

The second bill, SB 82, establishes universal standards between counties on document requirements for the Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption. 

Veterans who have suffered injuries in their service and are rated as totally disabled by the Veterans Administration (VA) qualify for a property tax exemption. However, county assessors currently have their own standards when determining the proof of VA awarded disability which has caused confusion and acted as a barrier to Veterans accessing this benefit. 

“Our disabled Veterans have earned a property tax exemption, and this bill will remove some of the hurdles they face in collecting this benefit,” said Seyarto. “SB 82 is a simple fix that assists our Veterans and cuts through bureaucratic red tape.” In addition to these two bills, Senator Seyarto will also introduce a resolution to recognize August 7, 2023, as Purple Heart Day in California in honor of the many service members and Veterans injured or killed by enemy actions in service to our country.

Senator Kelly Seyarto is proud to serve California’s 32nd District, home to one of California’s largest Veteran populations.