Senate Bills

SB-19: Fentanyl Task Force

Establishes the Anti-Fentanyl Abuse Task Force to collect and organize data on the nature and extent of fentanyl abuse in California and evaluate best practices in combatting fentanyl abuse.

SB-67: Overdose Maps Data Sharing

Will enroll all of California’s departments and agencies who are on the frontlines of the opioid epidemic into the Federal free universal information sharing program known as “ODMAP” in order to effectively track and address live patterns of overdoses.

SB-73: Veterans Hiring Preference

Clarifies that a Veterans hiring preference is not considered a prohibited discriminatory hiring practice under California law.

SB-82: Veterans Property Tax Exemption Documentation Standards

Requires that documentation standards be made uniform across all counties in California for verifying eligibility for disabled Veteran property tax exemptions.

SB-86: Crime Victims’ Resources

Requires the state to maintain a websites that enumerates the rights of victims and directs them to statewide and local resources.

SB-221: Domestic Violence Housing Tax Credit

Provides a tax credit to landlords who agree to lease their property at submarket rates to individuals who are being assisted by groups helping domestic violence survivors to obtain housing.

SB-230: Small Business Employer Deduction for HSA Contributions

Provides a state income tax deduction to the employer equal to the amount that the employer contributes to an employee Health Savings Account. This deduction would only be applicable to employers with fewer than 50 employees.

SB-243: Gun Safety Device Tax Exemption

Creates a point-of-sale sales tax exemption for gun safety devices in order to encourage and reward responsible gun ownership.

SB-259: Legislative Reports Transparency

Current law states an agency report that is required by law to be submitted to members of legislature must also be posted on the agency’s website. This bill would clarify that any report (regardless of whether the report’s submission is required by law) that is submitted to the legislature must also be publicly posted on the submitting agency’s website.

SB-276: Legislative Employee Workplace Equality

Explicitly clarifies that certain labor code provisions regarding overtime requirements which already apply to the private sector, shall also apply to employees of the legislature.

SB-300: PERS Financial Impact Analysis Requirements

Requires a bill to have an analysis on financial impact and report from LAO on reported outcome of the bill proposed to adjust the State Retirement investment accounts, before consideration of a vote.

SB-342: Financial Literacy Education

Clarifies that previously agreed upon financial literacy content must be included by the Instructional Quality Commission in the next revision of the state’s social-science/history framework. Current law only requires that this content be considered for inclusion.

SB-367: Forest Cleanup

Would allow dumping fees to be waived for an individual that offers to clean up trash and debris on public lands after obtaining documentation and approval from a park ranger.

SB-453: Good Cause for Court Deadline Extensions

Explicitly clarifies guidelines for what constitutes “good cause” to extend court deadlines relating to the right to a fair and speedy trial. These guidelines would allow extensions for illness, being subject to a quarantine mandate, and insufficient court room and/or court staff availability.

SB-468: Trespassing Extension

Changes the term for which a request for a peace officer's assistance in dealing with a trespass may be made from 12 months to three years.

SB-520: Primary Residence Loophole

Will close the loophole whereas if an individual is living in an assisted living facility, they can still claim a primary residence outside of that facility.

SB-613: De Luz CSD v Cal Recycle

Provides that the guidelines established by CalRecycle for size and population of districts for organic waste are applied regardless of filings in 2014 that were not mandatory.

SB-693: Murrieta City Hall Surplus Land Act Exemption

Creates a special statute providing a Surplus Land Act exemption at a specific site in the City of Murrieta due to the unique circumstance that it is on track to meet its regional housing needs allocation and imminently in need of expanding city hall facilities to accommodate the growing demand for community services in connection with rapid population growth.

Senate Constitutional Amendment

SCA-4: Ending the Death Tax

Repeals the provision in Prop. 19 (2020) that prohibits the intergenerational transfer of original property tax base value if the property surpasses $1,000,000 in value.